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Winning Back the Storeless Generation

It’s been 25 years since Ray Oldenburg coined the term third space. “A generic designation for a great variety of public places that host the regular, voluntary, informal and happily anticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work,” as Oldenburg, an urban sociologist, wrote in 1989. That might sound stuffy and stilted… Read More »

Managing Privacy in the Internet of Things

One of the promises of the Internet of Things (IoT) is that everything should talk to everything else. These talkative “things” include sensors, consumer appliances, home automation systems, and even connected vehicles. The frameworks through which such interconnectivity is arranged, controlled, and mediated – that is, how these things “entitle” each other to connect –… Read More »

eCommerce 2014 benchmark

Retail eCommerce is moving into a new phase: out of the high-growth races of the Internet’s early days to managing eCommerce in the context of the total shopping experience. But managing that transition is not easy, as both Retail Winners and their lagging peers prove. Download the report 2014eComRSR Source:

Amazon: Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

While had a surprisingly profitable fourth quarter, according to RSR’s recent eCommerce benchmark, eCommerce in Context; Coping With Maturity, fewer than half of retailers view the on-line steam-roller as a competitive threat. In fact, these retailers have lost their fear of most of the “usual suspects” – Amazon, Walmart, Google and even their own… Read More »

Can retailers bring personalisation from clicks to bricks?

A personalised online shopping experience powered by simple data collection is rapidly becoming a must-have for retailers. In the past year alone, there was a spike in customer expectations for personalisationacross all shopping channels and it became critical for retailers to innovate in terms of customer experience in order to keep those shoppers engaged. Recommended… Read More »

Omnichannel and legacy IT systems

No matter who you talk to in the retail banking business it seems that Omnichannel initiatives are the height of fashion when it comes to responding to the digital transformation in the industry and giving customers the service they want. Accenture’s report “The digital disruption in banking” confirms this saying that banks need to “become… Read More »